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Lost Projects CIC Weaver/Consent Form

All data will be securely stored for up to 3 years, but we may ask for yearly updates. All information and data held is used to manage your membership, ensure safety and monitor our CIC impact. Information held will not be sold or shared and consent can be withdrawn at anytime.

Information and consent

Lost Projects operates both supervised and unsupervised sessions. Juniors or Visitors/Guests aged under 10 years old can only attend supervised sessions or with an accompanying adult aged 18+.

Supervised sessions are led by a member of the Lost Projects team and include but are not limited to; Youth Clubs, Trampolining, Street Art, Music, After-School Clubs, Birthday Parties, Holiday Activities,Educational Support / Enrichment and Activity Packages. At all supervised sessions young people are expected to remain on the premises throughout the session unless you have clearly relayed to staff that you require them to leave early. We cannot however force anyone to attend or remain at a session and cannot be responsible for the behaviour or welfare of anyone who chooses to leave.

Unsupervised sessions take place using the facilities within the building and although Lost Projects team are on site, are run independently of the team. Unsupervised sessions include but are not limited to; Open Skates, Mixed Skates, Birthday Parties, Building / Facility Hire and Music & Recording Studio.

Lost Projects offers a range of activities including; Skateboarding,Roller- Blading, Music, Graffiti Art and related activities. Some of these can be classed as hazardous activities where the ability for accidents or injuries can occur. All steps to reduce risk of injury are taken; helmets are compulsory for all those aged under 18 years old participating in any wheeled sports. We recommend helmets are worn by all ages for wheeled sports along with knees, elbow pads and where appropriate wrist guard. In signing you are accepting these risks and are responsible for your actions and involvement or are accepting on behalf of those you're signing for.


Covid-19 - We have put in a range of precautions and procedures in place and are keeping up to date with latest government guidance. We are committed to keeping our users safe and will keep you informed of any changes. By signing you are agreeing to abide by and follow the processes put in place.

Users of the Lost Projects facilities are able to access the free wifi on site. This usage is subject to acceptable use. Lost Projects will endeavour to take reasonable steps to restrict access to unsuitable material on the Internet but ultimately users will be held responsible for their own actions.

Lost Projects reserves the right to remove participants if their behaviour becomes unacceptable and has the right to change, cancel or alter any session if it becomes necessary. Personal belongings are participant’s own responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for loss or for additional expenses due to any causes.


I consent to accept full responsibility for my actions/the actions of my child whilst using/ attending any Lost Projects services / facilities. I understand that I am giving my consent that I/my child use/s the facilities totally at my/their own risk and Lost Projects is not liable in any way whatsoever for any injuries to myself/my child, to property or to third parties, that result from using or spectating at these facilities / services - except for in the case of negligence. I understand consent can be withdrawn by contacting Lost Projects in writing.




Studio Hire

All your music needs beat making, vocal recording, mixing/ mastering just use booking link above   

We have packages available for:

* Singles

* Mixtape

* Album

Stage/Space Hire

(Speakers supplied all other equipment can be supplied if needed price may very) 

* Rehearse your latest set

*  Film your next DJ Youtube video

*  Live stream your mix/ performances

*  Photo shoots

* Music videos

We have props available for videos and photo shoots just add info when booking.



Skate Park /Skate lessons

Skate lessons From Skkrrbs.

(Members only slots will be available if you wont to just skate)



food and drink will be available