Lost Projects CIC is a grass roots non-profit organisation that provides a range of services for people interested in music, arts and skateboarding. Whether you’re wanting to learn new skills or are already experienced, the space is available for all.
We offer access to a music studio for people in the industry, as well as having knowledge for those who are starting out.  The founding members have built a skatepark, open to the public. We also have an in house skate coach for those who hope to learn.


Lost4tz Studios is where it all started, an ambitious dream of Gavin lambert (CEO).

We wanted to create a one of a kind, inspirational  space with multiple uses. To raise funds, we put on local events and saved every penny we could. Those pennies bought us back our old school bus! After two years of blood, sweat and hard work we had transformed the 57 seater coach into Lost 4tz music Studios.

Our unique mobile recording studio and sound equipment are available to hire. Plus we have an event management team that can help you take your projects to the next level. 

The next step was to find somewhere to store the beast! We found a massive warehouse which opened up opportunities to expand and grow new ideas. Since then we have build an indoor skate park (The Skate Suite) and a vibrant space for filming and rehearsals. And so Lost Projects was born!


The founding members of Lost Projects all have a passion for skateboarding and thought it would be great fun to build an indoor park. The Skate Suite is a place where people can improve their fitness, support mental their well-being and build confidence all year round. We can offer lessons from experienced skaters and a qualified skateboard GB coach.


The Team

The founding members of Lost projects are a close group of friends and have been friends since school. 


Gavin Lambert; (CEO of Lost Projects)I have always lived in Glastonbury and 

had a passion for music and skateboarding. There is a big scene locally for both, which helped fuel my passion. I love making mainly boom bap (hip hop) 

but I am open to every genre. I have always had an issue with controlling my temper; music and skateboarding helped a lot with that by keeping me focused and giving me the mindset to keep trying and never give up. 

I met everyone involved in Lost Projects through having the same interests and similar problems. As I started to control my mental health I wanted on start something to help people in the local community with similar issues. My goal for Lost Projects is to make a big impact in helping the local community with mental health issues and to help spark creativity and fitness. 


Andrew Bisgrove; creator of the Binskankerz wheelie bin sound system, a self employed electrician and general technician for Lost Projects. 

Honestly, the education system wasn’t my bag, since leaving school I have been busy developing skills and applying myself to practical endeavours by doing things hands on. Anything I’ve needed done I have accomplished by focus and hard work. I am now handy with most things practical! I love working with Lost Projects because we, as a grass roots collective, are always growing our ideas into a reality! Myself, Gavin and Ed have been close friends since school, which makes us such a great, dynamic team bringing different skills and ideas to the table. 



Ed Etherington; I grew up in Bath where I lived opposite Victoria park for a little while and had lots of friends in Bath that skated. I moved to Glastonbury from Bristol/Bath when I was 14. A lot changed for me when i came here but skateboarding did not. Glastonbury, despite not having a skatepark at this point, had a great skate scene.  I soon made friends here that had the same passion. As well as skateboarding I have always enjoyed camping and being in nature, I love being in the woods and by the water. 

I started working in garages when i was 17 and at 19 I got a mortgage and stopped skating. I struggled a lot with depression through out my 20s and tried a lot of of different ways of treating this. I got into foraging, growing my own fruit and veg, aromatherapy and bush craft, to list a few. I was still missing a good form of exercise and so at 30 I started skating regularly again and realised how much i had missed it. I got into skate coaching and got my skateboard GB ticket. I would now like to use skateboarding to help those suffering with mental health and encourage the younger generation to use skateboarding as a focus.


The mission statement of LOST PROJECTS is to provide high-quality entertainment/ fitness services to our community. Setting up projects in Skateboarding, art and Music, we have built a brand and are building community that will achieve greatness around the local area and beyond. LOST PROJECTS will be based on perspective and experience. 

Our vision is to work to the best of our ability to provide a service that will help with people with mental health stability and provide the local community with a fantastic safe space to inspire a generation and make a movement in promoting a safe trustworthy and caring urban arts community. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork. 

Our goals over the coming years include seeking out and getting funding to make the space accessible and available for those who come from poor socio-economic backgrounds, those struggling in difficult home backgrounds and those that struggle with mental health stability. 

This is to include and involve youth clubs, schools, support networks and home school networks. 

Everyone can help us push this forward for the future! If you feel that the local community needs this please write us an open letter “to whom this may concern” expressing your thoughts on these projects and how you think this would help the local community.